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Editorial Staff:

Grant Marek: Editorial Director <grant.marek @ sfgate.com>
Bill Disbrow: Content Director <wdisbrow @ sfgate.com>
Katie Dowd: Senior Manager<kdowd @ sfgate.com>
Alix Martichoux: Supervising Producer<amartichoux @ sfgate.com>
Dianne de Guzman: Supervising Producer <dianne.mcalpin @ sfgate.com>
Mike Moffitt: Producer <moffitt @ sfgate.com>
Amy Graff: Real Estate & Trending Producer <agraff @ sfgate.com>
Alyssa Pereira: Pop Culture & Music Producer <apereira @ sfchronicle.com>
Michelle Robertson: Producer <mrobertson @ sfchronicle.com>
Filipa Ioannou: Producer <Filipa.Ioannou @ sfgate.com>
Susana Guerrero: Producer <Susana.guerrero @ sfgate.com>
Douglas Zimmerman: Photo Editor <dzimmerman @ sfgate.com>
Cole Chapman: Social Media Manager <cchapman @ sfgate.com>
Homepage Editors: David Curran, Matthew Tom, Greg Keraghosian, Michael Rosen.
Editorial Assistants: Eric Ting, Drew Costley, Amanda Bartlett, Madeline Wells.


Operations team: Alexander Gibson, Gerry Armentrout, Bruce Kauffman, Susan Goodall, Judy Wong


Stephane Saux: Director of Software Development <ssaux @ sfgate.com>
Technical team: Michael Hartley, Ben Schein

Advertising Sales:

Ginger Neal: Senior Vice President, Sales<gneal @ sfchronicle.com>


Vice President of Marketing: Sarah Cooney<scooney @ sfchronicle.com>

Production Development:

Sr. Director of Product Development: Brandon M. Mercer